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I Told You What I Wanted and You Still Didn't Focus On It!!!

Updated: Oct 15, 2022

Oh...My... Gosh. My biggest pet peeve when I go to another therapist is, they do not focus on what I have asked them to. At one point or another you've had that one therapist that does not do what you have asked or if they do they focus on it for about 5 minutes and they move on. *pulls hair*

As a massage therapist and someone who needs a massage often I know how you feel!! Here are a few Tips to keep you and your therapist on track,

  • Make sure they specialize in what you need. You would not go to the cardiologist to get your teeth pulled right!?

  • At the beginning of your session they should ask you "any areas of concern?" "what's hurting you?" or "is there anything that you need focused?".

  • Verbalize and point to the specific areas of concern, make it a priority to ask questions if needed.

  • During the session communicate with your therapist. If you need more work done in the area that's bothering you let the massage therapist know. They might get irritated but hey, it's YOUR session not THEIRS!

  • Lastly, if they ask you how you feel after your session be honest with them, only if you feel comfortable to do so. That way they know what it is they can do better the next time, if not with you then in the future with someone else.

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